Afinkao | Tellina Rezzoffi
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Tellina Rezzoffi: Afinkao Co-Director


tellinabioTellina has been dancing in some form or another her entire life. She was first turned on to salsa in her hometown of Houston, Texas back in 1999. Her true training came about when she moved to California in 2000. She briefly trained with The Latin Symbolics, and then joined Mambo Romero Dance Company in 2002. After performing as a principal dancer, traveling and teaching with the company for 3 years, she decided to collaborate with her old Mambo Romero dance partner, JC Labio. She is currently the Co-director of Afinkao and enjoys doing collaborations with other Bay Area dance groups and directors. She loves dancing and visiting with all of the local salseras and salseros at her companies social called Latin Fever Fridays the second Friday of every month. This gives her the chance to continually stay connected to her dance community and enjoy great music.

One of her favorite quotes to live by is, “The wasted of all days is one without laughter “ —E.E. Cummings.

Bay Area Concerts/Shows

Sutter Homes Winery w/ Pete Escovedo (2001), Jordan Winery (2002), Coppola Winery (2003), Artist Ball in San Francisco (2004), Sonoma County Salsa Festival (2007, 2008), Asian Realtor Association (2007-2010), Vacaville Puerto Rican Festival (2008), San Francisco Salsa Congress (2002-2010), San Francisco Salsa Festival (2009-2010)

Out-of-Town Concerts/Shows

Los Angeles Salsa Congress (2001, 2003), World Salsa Congress in Puerto Rico (2003, 2004), New York Salsa Congress (2004), Boston Salsa Congress (2006), Houston Salsa Congress (2008), Hong Kong Salsa Festival (2009), Hawaii Salsa Festival (2010)