Afinkao | Justine Ma
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Justine Ma


JustineMa2My name is Justine and I have been with Afinkao for many years, on and off, starting with the training team and working my way up to the pro team.

In 2005, I was an impressionable college student at UC Davis when I was recruited by JC at the “Graduate” in Davis. Before the advent of salsa in my life, I had done a little ballroom dancing here and a little Chinese dancing there, but my “thing” up to that time was music, having played the flute for about 8 years.

Joining Afinkao, I learned how to dance “on 2” and learned to dance “The Afinkao” way. I guess I didn’t have two left feet for JC bumped me up to Con Afinke and eventually Afinkao. As I progressed though the teams and improved my dancing ability, the most valuable lesson I learned was that being on the team meant I was part of a dancing family, I built relationships that will stand the test of time.

Dancing became a passionate hobby of mine but my true goal/calling was to become a veterinarian. After much dedication and hard work I reached that goal in the summer of 2013! Unfortunately, I couldn’t go to vet school and dance at the same time so I had to quit the team during my 4 years of schooling.

Well you couldn’t keep me away from my Afinkao family and now that I have moved and work in the Bay Area I was able to rejoin the pro team in September 2013.