Afinkao | JC
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JC : Afinkao Dance Company Director


JC LabioHis Spanish teacher in High School first introduced JC to salsa in 1997 and attended his first Salsa Congress in Los Angeles, California in Spring 2001. Inspired by various dance artist, JC started to take dance classes with Gabriel Romero, director of Mambo Romero Dance Co. Shortly after taking a few months of dance classes, he started training with the Mambo Romero Dance Company in the end of 2001. Under the direction and training from Gabriel Romero, Eugene Gleser, and Fiona Cheung, JC slowly matured into a dancer. Six months after stepping into his first dance rehearsal JC Labio debuted in L.A. Salsa Congress in 2002 with the Mambo Romero Dance Co. Dedicating 4 years of his dance career with the company enabled him to perform at the Ethnic Dance Festival in S.F., New York, Puerto Rico, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and many other venues around the country.

In May 2005 the Afinkao Dance project broke ground. Now proudly directing and training both Afinkao Dance Company and Con Afinke (amateur team) into a new generation of Latin Dancers.

Outside of dancing, he likes to listen to live music, experiment in the kitchen, travel, play Basketball, and other outdoor activities.