Afinkao | Enrique Jaramillo
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Enrique Jaramillo


Enrique Jaramillo was born in Guadalajara, Mexico where he spent all his childhood and adolescence and obtained a Bachelor Degree in Industrial Engineering. He moved to San Jose, California in January 2008 accepting a job opportunity in his actual company.

Although he start dancing formally late in his life he was always delighted with different genres of music including some latin beats like cumbia, merengue and timba that were really common in his original country. These rhythms were listened in any popular celebration that he used to attend sporadically, enjoying the dance and the social interaction.

It was not until 2009 when he started having contact with the Salsa Scene in the Bay Area and start dancing in a more consistent manner. Right after this encounter he made Salsa Dancing his passion and became a well-known social dancer participating in most of the salsa events of the area. He quickly became a good leader and an excellent performer.

In August 2009, only 5 months after he started social dancing, he joined PB&G and performed in the LA Salsa Congress in May 2010. In July of 2010 he joined Montuno Dance Company and performed at the SF Salsa Congress of 2011. On this Congress he was captivated by the originality and style of the Dance Company of which he’s currently part: Afinkao Dance Company. Enrique joined this Company on February 2011 and with only 5 months on the team he became a member of “Con Afinke” and performed at different salsa venues, including “Cafe Cocomo’s”, “El Valenciano” and “The Beat”. He also competed at the US Salsa Open Championship on July 2011. His passion and dedication makes Enrique an enjoyable social dancer and performer. Although dancing is his greatest passion he still enjoy to listening to his favorite music and watch art movies and be part of social events.