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All About Afinkao

Mission Statement

Afinkao Dance Company strives to be innovative by interpreting musical rhythms through movement with the goal of awakening what sleeps within us all – the PASSION FOR DANCE. By cultivating the unique talents of our dancers, we hope to entertain and inspire our audiences locally and around the world.

About the Company

Afinkao Dance Company was formed in May 2005 by Founder/Director JC ‘Afinkao’ and Co-Director Tellina Rezzoffi in a pursuit to combine Afro-Cuban, Mambo, Jazz, and Hip-Hop genres to create soulful yet playful performances. Under the direction of JC, Afinkao aims to bridge the gap between the younger and older generations of dancers. Afinkao Dance Company is composed of former Mambo Romero Dance Co. dancers, along with other Bay Area talents who have diverse dance backgrounds. Our main focus is to integrate and harmonize traditional rooted dance styles with contemporary movements. We hope to express flavorful and emotional dance movement through our performances, adding to the ever-growing dance talent in the Bay Area.

The company is composed of Afinkao (Pro Team) and Con Afinke (Semi-Pro).  Learn more about our training and performance teams.

Be sure to connect with Afinkao Dance Company on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest info on our upcoming events, performances and workshops

The Meaning of “Afinkao”

In Puerto Rico the words “afincao” and “afinque” are used to describe how well put together a song was. Afincao is defined as the adjective that describes the quality of the performance among musicians or between music and dancers. Afinque is defined as the noun that defines the concept of rhythmic tightness. Dancers would make their own interpretation of a song through their social dance. They would put their own “afinque” into their dance. This was done in different genres of music such as salsa, merengue, hip hop, etc. You might hear someone say “He/she dances with a lot of flavor” this would mean that they have “afinque”, the dancer is in tune with the music.

In her article titled “Salsa Music as Expressive Liberation, at the Cultural Crossroads of the 1970s”, Marisol Berrios-Miranda, from the University of California-Berkeley, wrote: “Salsa is a couple’s dance, and it is most energizing and enjoyable when the couple is in complete coordination with the rhythms of the music. The bond that unites dancers and listeners at a salsa performance is expressed in the concept of afinque, the tight locking of the various rhythmic layers, melodies, and harmonies in a salsa ensemble and the close relationship between dancer and musician”….”when a salsa band plays afincao it gains power over the ears of its listeners and the bodies of its dancers creating a magical communion between audience, dancers, and musicians.”